There’s nothing quite like sitting in front of the fireplace or enjoying the warmth of the heat pump in winter. But what happens when you need to go to the bathroom or the bedroom? Your lounge maybe warm, but the rest of your home is still cold!

Heat transfer systems disperse the heat from the warmest parts of your home to the unheated rooms without the need to install additional heaters. Heat from a fireplace can reach up to temperatures of 35° C in your lounge, but may not heat your whole home! Heat transfer systems take this heat from your ceiling and transfer it to other rooms in your house. This heats your home efficiently.

Heat Transfer Systems

The quietest heat transfer system on the market

The HeatTrans systems we use are the only systems on the market to include acoustic insulated ducting. This ducting achieves maximum heat transfer while making minimal noise. In fact, HeatTrans systems are so quiet their considered to be at “whisper quiet” level.

Heat Transfer Systems

Keep your home cooler in summer

Love how cosy your HeatTrans system keeps your home in winter? Try using it to cool your home in summer with a Summer-Vent Extension Kit. This kit draws cool, fresh air into the home to keep all rooms comfortably crisp. Request a quote from us today.

For more information, visit the HeatTrans website.

How to make the most out of your heat transfer system

Heat transfer systems are great for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year-round. However to make sure the heat being transferred around your home is healthy, you should consider a home ventilation system.

Ventilation services remove any condensation caused by transferring excess heat throughout your home. They keep your home safe and your air fresh. Learn more about our full ventilation services here.

We service and install heat transfer system in Hamilton, Cambridge, Pukekohe, Putaruru, Morrinsville, Matamata, Te Awamutu & Otorohanga.

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