A telltale sign that a house is older is the electrical work. Older homes were created when electrical services were regulated very differently. If your client has an old home, this may mean the electrical work is inefficient, or in the worst case scenario, unsafe.

Make your client’s home seem brand new again with electrical renovations. Small renovations can make homes brighter, warmer and safer. We have years of experience working with builders to ensure older homes are rewired safely and electrical projects are carried out thoroughly.

Some of the electrical services  we offer include:

  • Appliance installations
  • Builders temporary electrical supply
  • Home heating
  • Home lighting
  • TV & phone installations
  • Home wiring
  • Moving switchboards
  • New power points
  • Outdoor lighting/garden lighting
  • Replacing rubber cabling
  • Security systems
  • SmartVent ventilation systems

Safety Standards

We are members of HazardCo meaning we take electrical safety very seriously.


Lighting design

We provide a complete solution for indoor, outdoor and commercial lighting. Our electricians have a lot of experience with designing lighting layouts that make the most of your chosen space. We can advise you on the design process, to product options, all the way through to final installation. Give us a  call and we will organise one of our qualified, registered electricians to come out and access your home for you today.

“I couldn’t be happier with the work done by Leading Edge. They did everything we asked for throughout what must have been a difficult complete rewire of an old house. They also did a great clean-up job. I would highly recommend Leading Edge Electrical.”

Nicola Brennan

“I have a rental property in Hamilton. No job has been too small for Brad to do. He has always been excellent in helping me out on a short notice. I will continue to use Leading Edge”

Sonia Kupenga